Our Butternut Basketweave Beeswax Candle (2 x 2.75 inches) is handpoured from 5.6 oz of pure Pacific Northwest Beeswax toned a delicate orange color, with red-toned all cotton wick for slow clean burning. We use natural dyes to tone our candles the rich hues, and we never add any type of fragrance to scent the candles. Our candles are pure aromatic beeswax at its finest. 

Butternut Basketweave Beeswax Candle

  • Although candle burning is not an exact science, there are a few tricks to burning your candle with the most pleasing results. Always place your candle on a small tray or dish, burn out of a draught and away from a heat source. Intitially light your candle and burn for approximately 10 minutes; then extinquish, trim the wick to 3/16 inch and relight. Your candle will burn slowly emitting a light natural scent of honey derived from local botanicals. 

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