At WhidbeyWaxWorks we celebrate the time-honored
traditions of Pure Beeswax with...
*Sacred Illumination* 

As a once ancient and coveted source of purified candlelight, slowly burning beeswax candles release negative ions which serve to cleanse the surrounding space by eliminating pollen, dust particles, and other indoor air impurities. Historically once precious, Pure Beeswax is now appreciated as the simplest, most natural air purifier known. 

*Pleasing Healing Aroma*

As our candles burn they emit a soft natural honey botanical aroma; highlighted by the bees' seasonal gatherings, and illuminate your home with a warm refined luminous glow.

*Enchanting Traditional Designs*

 At the WhidbeyWaxWorks Chandlery we create every one of our elegant candle designs from 100% pure filtered Pacific Northwest Beeswax, and use only all cotton wicks for the cleanest, brightest and slowest burning results. We use all natural dyes to create our unique palette of seasonally pleasing hues, and we never add any type of fragrance to scent the candles.


Our WhidbeyWaxWorks Artisan Beeswax Candles are Pure Aromatic Beeswax at its Finest. 

Lovingly handcrafted from pure Pacific Northwest Beeswax on Whidbey Island, Washington since 1999. 


The Chandlery