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There is True Alchemy in Beeswax.

Witness as the bees gather pollen from the seasonal offerings of bright and fragrant blossoms, which then becomes the golden nectar of honey capped with wax.

Experience the healing aroma of filtered beeswax as it melts into pure golden ambrosia from which we pour and mold our enticing candle designs.

Witness as our pure beeswax candles illuminate with a bright flame; the spectrum of the sun. 

Creating our pure beeswax candles has been a family affair since 1999 when my sons Ethan and Jonas were young boys exploring, gathering and creating treasure from the boundless gifts of nature here on Whidbey Island.


Now grown men happily engaged in their chosen paths,

I continue on engaged in that which is closest to my heart: designing and creating beautiful beeswax candles to keep the ancient and sacred light burning.

As solo chandler I render and filter the pure beeswax cappings from local hives and hand-pour every one

of our custom beeswax designs at our enchanted woodland cottage-The Bee Skep- where Barred Owls, Great Horned Owls,  Northern Flickers & Raven hold court day and night deep in woods of our surrounding forests of

Hemlock, Cedar & Douglas Fir.

We welcome your visit. 


Blessings on the Bees

,Priscilla Lowry

The Bee Skep is open for visitors:

Monday-Friday 12-5 pm


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